Sam Perry Hall

The Sam Perry Hall can hold up to 120 people. Access to the kitchen when hired in conjunction with the hall is via the bar seating area. All tables and chairs are available for your use.

There is a sound system located within the hall that links to speakers in the ceiling and also in the bar seating area.

Staging is available should you or your entertainer/DJ wish to use it.

For larger events, up to 200 people, the Sam Perry Hall can be combined with the Robert Thornley Hall via a folding concertina door.

Many hirers make use of both halls, in particular for Children’s Parties, so that the entertainment can take place in the Sam Perry Hall whilst the food is set up in the Robert Thornley Hall.

The Sam Perry Hall is required for Children’s parties wishing to use a bouncy castle, due to the ceiling height.

There is a file below that gives the dimensions of the room to assist with your event planning.

Sam Perry Hall viewed from fire exit
Sam Perry Hall viewed from window wall showing adjoining doors to Robert Thornley Hall